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Welcome to Hamilton Middle School
Winding Down in the Royal House
         Greetings! And WELCOME to Hamilton Middle School's website! Can you believe that today is the LAST day of school left in the 2015-2016 school year?! Summer break is officially here! As of now, we are in the process of transitioning to a new web platform... so be looking out for some much needed changes in 2016-2017! Until then, here is where you will find the latest and greatest happenings going on within our school. Check out our upcoming events, important dates, information, and so much more! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook! Let's have a ROYAL 2015-2016 school year! Go Royals!

8th Grade Party and Promotion
              Now comes the moment all 8th grade students have been anxiously waiting for… our 8th Grade Party and Promotion Celebration! The 8th grade team started early, making preparations for our end of the year festivities! Due to the shortening of our 2015-2016 school year, the 8th Grade Party will now be held on Thursday, May 19th, from 8:00a-1:30p. In order to participate in the party, your student must meet the proper qualifications to do so: No more than 4 after-school detentions, no more than 2 days of in-school suspension, and zero out-of-school detentions. The 8th Grade Promotion, which families are able to attend, will be taking place all day on Friday, May 20th, beginning promptly at 9:00a. Students will report to school at 7:50a, in order to prepare. This is an exciting moment for all of our 8th grade students; however, your student must be passing at least 7 of their classes to attend. Students participating in the promotion will be allowed to leave with their parent/guardian once it is over. We will miss our 8th graders, but we couldn't be more proud… watching them transition to the next level!

The last week of school holds lots of celebrations, activities, and parties! AVID families, and students interested in joining AVID next year are invited to attend our last AVID family night. Not only will there be fun, education, and entertainment, but they will also be conducting interviews for new AVID students so make sure that YOUR student is in attendance! We will also be having our Rock the Test Party on Wednesday, May 18th, for students that showed improvements from last assessment scores, to the ones just recently taken. Lastly, on Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 20th... our 6th and 8th grade students will be enjoying their grade level parties at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The 19th is also the day students will be signing yearbooks. 

The Last Day of School Is HERE
As sad as we are to say, our 2015-2016 school year officially ends today. On the 17th, students were given time to clean out their lockers. We enjoyed building with our students this year. For all of our 6th and 7th graders, we will see you soon! And for our transitioning 8th graders... good luck as you begin entering into adulthood!
Royal Agenda
We have enjoyed all of our events in our 2015-2016 school year! Our teachers and staff worked extra hard to get our students up to get excited about their academic, athletic, and extra-curricular success. Below is a list of events and important dates, in which we would love for our Royal families to be part of!

May 2016
Tuesday, May 3: Track (Div) 3:30-5:30p
Wednesday, May 4: Track (Div) 3:30-5;30p
Thursday, May 5: AVID Field Trip 9:00a
Friday, May 6: StuCo Dance 3:20-5:00p
Tuesday, May 10: Free Physicals (6th & 7th graders) All Day
Tuesday, May 10: Track (All-City) 3:30-5:30p
Thursday, May 12: Choir Concert 6:00-7:00p
Friday, May 13: Talent Show N/A
Tuesday, May 17: 7th Grade Sedgwick County Zoo Field Trip TBD
Tuesday, May 17: Locker Clean Out 9th Hour
Tuesday, May 17: AVID Family Night 5:00-7:00p
Wednesday, May 18: Rock the Test Party TBD
Wednesday, May 18: Band Concert 6:00-7:00p
Thursday, May 19: 8th Grade Party @ Emmanuel Baptist Church 8:00-1:30p
Thursday, May 19: Yearbook Signing Party 9th Hour
Thursday, May 19: Orchestra Concert 6:00-7:00p
Friday, May 20: 6th Grade Party @ Emmanuel Baptist Church 8:00-11:15a
Friday, May 20: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 3:10p
Summer School Begins 5/31 (Tuesday-Thursday only)
Summer School Ends 6/16
​(7:30 breakfast)
Monday, July 18: Meal Plan Enrollment N/A
Until Next Year

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